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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oops. My Bad.

I've heard from a few people some of my bloopers. Unfortunately, once they go live at they're stuck there.

The one about Chad's brother being in Iraq and Afghanistan, I saw it in editing the text and then recorded it anyway and didn't catch it in edits. His brother is the proverbial gun shown in the first chapter that needs to be fired before the end of the book and a sign that I am a developing author, because he never comes up again. I should mention in book two why he isn't an important character.....Book two you ask? Maybe someday.

I also have some repeated lines in episode five. The first six or seven episodes were all edited late at night and I find I fall asleep a lot and miss things. I usually catch them when I do the final listen through. I've vowed to pay better attention in that last edit.

Another thing is the novel I am currently editing, my 'Teenage Vampire Love Story for Boys" has a main character named Chuck. So I have caught myself a number of times, in my audio editing, using that name instead of Chad. If Chuck slips through, like he may very well do, I'm sorry. That's a result of my lack of originality in choosing character names.

Try to enjoy the story anyway.


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