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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Surprise becomes a Novella

The feedback I got from most people on 'Summer Surprise' was that it didn't end solidly, that the story didn't resolve and the two boy's stories didn't mesh completely.

So I decided to finish their story together. Yesterday I hit 20k words which means it has crossed safely into being a novella. And, rather than making you suffer through reading that many words, I decided to record it and put it up at 

Each episode with be a bit longer than most of the first book, so there will probably be about six episodes of about 25 minutes. But we'll see when I get it done. It's wrapping up with some surprises and solid conflicts for the next actual novel, which I will probably use as my Nanowrimo novel for this year. That should give me time to finish up, 'The King's Shoemaker' and get it recorded before I actually have to sit down and torment Chad and Amy any further.

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