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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, for all you fans out there, which have yet to identify yourselves, I want to update on what I'm doing.

1) I have finished the second edit of a 60K word YA Urban fantasy that I am going to pitch to paper publishers. I'm having some people proof read it before I do my last edit.

2) I've started re-writing my first Nanowrimo novel from 2008. 'The King's Shoemaker'. I'm 10K words into it and having a good time. It looks like it will end up at around 70K words and will go straight to audio. When all episodes are done I will put it on I'm thinking it will be around the end of June, 2012.

3) At the 100 Word Weekly Challenge at I am writing episodes from a 'Sleeping Beauty Story'. I've done about ten episodes so far. This is what I did last year before Nanowrimo and did 'Flypaper Boy: Coming of Age'. I haven't began to edit that one, but that is on the table somewhere, too, but one of my last priorities.

If you listened to 'The Price of Friendship' I would really appreciate it if you would leave some feedback at and rate my book there as well.


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